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e x p e r i e n c e

Development | Production | Ad Sales Marketing | Brand Building 

Passionate about high-levels aesthetics and creating safe environments for collaborators to focus on craft + process through trust + truth 

Driving force is to cultivate social impact entertainment through philanthropy

Ambitious about building brands, growing advertising partnerships (organically) and driving revenue through authentic brand integrations 

Focused on curation, creating context, and developing/producing original content for television, theatrical, and digital platforms (OTT/VOD)


After 12+ years in the industry, my production IQ delivers content through all stages of production; ideation to launch

Deliver value by evaluating research insights (demographics + anticipating trends) and expanding brand strategy through synergy with development, programming, marketing, and PR teams

In the current media landscape I’m motivated to construct + design platforms by fostering relationships with artists + influencers, super serving NICHE audiences, and creating disruption in the market place.

Goal: converting casual viewers into engaged consumers via 360 experiences

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