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leukemia survivor | dreamer | creative conduit

Born in a desert town outside Los Angeles, Ian found solace in the cinema and as a teenager started making independent movies.

Ian went on to receive a bachelor's degree in acting + playwriting. The works of Sam Shepard and Samuel Beckett cemented his desire to tell stories of redemption, survival and the struggle of the outsider,

Ian continued his storytelling journey and received a MFA in film directing from Art Center College of Design in 2006. He then moved to Brooklyn to make his first feature-length documentary NYC JEWS, an exploration of Judaism in the boroughs of New York City. His V E R I T E approach opened doors in Hasidic communities and lead to his full immersion style of filmmaking of shooting INSIDE OUT.

In 2008, Ian joined the Bravo On-Air team would do a multiplicity of disciplines including writing + directing + producing + editing for franchises such as The Real Housewives and Top Chef.

In the summer of 2013 Ian hit a pivotal moment as an artist when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He would fight to remain with his wife and two young children by enduring chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant from his little brother. He's been happily in remission for 4 years and now infuses his work with empathy and mindfulness.

He is currently the creative director for MGM's Domestic Channels Group where he oversees high-level creative for 5x digital networks including Roma Downey's LIGHTtv  


He is grateful to spend time at City of Hope as a cancer patient advocate to those battling cancer and to enjoy every single day with his wife and two children in Redondo Beach











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